Servo 2023 Roadmap

2023-02-03 Servo project roadmap for 2023

As we move forward with our renewed project activity, we would like to share more details about our plans for 2023. We’ve recently published the Servo 2023 roadmap on the project wiki, and our community and governance and technical plans are outlined below.

Servo 2023 Roadmap. Project reactivation Q1-Q4. Project outreach Q1-Q4. Main dependencies upgrade Q1-Q3. Layout engine selection Q1-Q2. Progress towards basic CSS2 support Q3-Q4. Explore Android support Q3-Q4. Embeddable web engine experiments Q4.

Community and governance

We’re restarting all the usual activities, including PR triage and review, public communications about the project, and arranging TSC meetings. We will also make some outreach efforts in order to attract more collaborators, partners, and potential sponsors interested in working, participating, and funding the project.


We want to upgrade the main dependencies of Servo, like WebRender and Stylo, to get them up to date. We will also analyse the status of the two layout engines in Servo, and select one of them for continued development. Our plan is to then work towards basic CSS2 conformance.

Regarding platform support, we would like to explore the possibility of supporting Android. We would also like to experiment with making Servo a practical embeddable web rendering engine.

As with any software project, this roadmap will evolve over time, but we’ll keep you posted. We hope you’ll join us in making it happen.