The official Servo project repository is on GitHub:

If you want to start contributing to Servo, check out, and see for more details on how to build and run the project.

You can search for and/or report any issues you run into on the GitHub issue tracker.

Questions? Contact us!


After demonstrated competence at both writing and reviewing code for a component of Servo, we will consider granting merge and (formal) review privileges to new members. If you’re interested, please ask a member of the TSC, and they will verify with an appropriate super-reviewer before granting these privileges.

This verification will involve the super-reviewer ensuring the proposed reviewer’s feedback is consistent with the expectations of the project.

While review privileges are traditionally project-wide, it is also possible to have specific review privileges for certain repositories. This is controlled using extra_reviewers in the Homu config, as opposed to the main reviewers list.

The current reviewers’ GitHub usernames are available at: This drives our installation of, our autolander, which is the only approved way to commit changes to the Servo repositories.