This month in Servo: text fields, better emoji, devtools, and more!

2024-06-28 Plus font rendering performance, OpenHarmony and AddressSanitizer builds, and a new AI policy.

This month in Servo: new CSS units, color emoji, servoshell, and more!

2024-05-30 Big changes to the font system and servoshell, plus improvements to flexbox, tables, DOM support, and the embedding API.

This month in Servo: Acid2 redux, Servo book, Qt demo, and more!

2024-04-26 A new layout milestone, revamped docs, faster builds, plus embedding, video, fonts, WebGPU, and CSS improvements.

Servo and SpiderMonkey

2024-04-15 A new report on Servo’s integration with SpiderMonkey, and our proposal for improving its modularity.

This month in Servo: tables, WOFF2, Outreachy, and more!

2024-03-30 Beginning of the end of legacy layout, runtime filtering of event logs, plus console, canvas, WebGPU, DOM, and CSS improvements.

You can now sponsor Servo on GitHub and Open Collective!

2024-03-12 Be sure to update your recurring donations, because we will stop taking donations on LFX soon.

This month in Servo: gamepad support, font fallback, Space Jam, and more!

2024-02-28 Big strides in tables and layout architecture, a new CSS2 milestone, dev changes in WebRender and Stylo, plus console, canvas, and CSSOM improvements.

Two months in Servo: better inline layout, stable Rust, and more!

2024-01-26 Improved control over typography, very early support for sticky positioning and tables, plus updates to our minibrowser and build tooling.

Tauri update: embedding prototype, offscreen rendering, multiple webviews, and more!

2024-01-19 Overview of the embedding improvements we’ve landed as part of our collaboration with Tauri.

This year in Servo: over 1000 pull requests and beyond

2023-12-18 Reflections on Servo’s progress in 2023: contributor stats, new features, layout improvements, WPT pass rates, and plans for next year.