This month in Servo: upcoming events, new browser UI, and more!

2023-09-15 Conferences and booths you can find us at in September, plus nightly updates around rustls, WebGPU, ARM32, floats, white-space, crash handling, and browser UI.

Servo and the Web Platform Tests

2023-07-20 How we use the Web Platform Tests to guide Servo’s development.

Conference news

2023-06-19 A bit about the Servo project's presence in recent and upcoming events.

Adding support for ‘outline’ properties

2023-05-31 Guide to the ‘outline’ implementation in Layout 2020, plus the tests and spec issues we added along the way.

Layout 2013 and Layout 2020

2023-04-13 Overview of the effort to rewrite Servo’s layout engine, and our proposal for layout in Servo going forward.

Making it easier to contribute to Servo

2023-03-16 Improvements to how we run tests, yielding faster builds and fewer failures due to flaky tests

Servo 2023 Roadmap

2023-02-03 Servo project roadmap for 2023

Servo to Advance in 2023

2023-01-16 A brief update on the Servo project's renewed activity in 2023

Servo’s new home

2020-11-17 Servo has left the Mozilla nest.

GSoC wrap-up - Implementing WebGPU in Servo

2020-08-30 A walk through the implementation of WebGPU in Servo