The embeddable, independent, memory-safe, modular, parallel web rendering engine

Servo is a web rendering engine written in Rust, with WebGL and WebGPU support, and adaptable to desktop, mobile, and embedded applications.


This month in Servo: text fields, better emoji, devtools, and more!

Plus font rendering performance, OpenHarmony and AddressSanitizer builds, and a new AI policy.


This month in Servo: new CSS units, color emoji, servoshell, and more!

Big changes to the font system and servoshell, plus improvements to flexbox, tables, DOM support, and the embedding API.


This month in Servo: Acid2 redux, Servo book, Qt demo, and more!

A new layout milestone, revamped docs, faster builds, plus embedding, video, fonts, WebGPU, and CSS improvements.


Servo and SpiderMonkey

A new report on Servo’s integration with SpiderMonkey, and our proposal for improving its modularity.


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