You can now help fund the Servo project by sponsoring us on GitHub or Open Collective.

Both one-time and monthly donations are appreciated, and over 80% of the amount will go directly towards improving Servo. The way the funds are used is decided in public via the Technical Steering Committee, but to give you a sense of scale…

  • at 100 USD/month, we can cover the costs of our website and other core infrastructure
  • at 1,000 USD/month, we can set up dedicated servers for faster Windows and macOS builds, better test coverage and reliability, and new techniques like fuzzing and performance testing
  • at 10,000 USD/month, we can sponsor a developer to make Servo their top priority

If your organization is interested in sponsoring Servo's development or the implementation of a particular feature, reach out to us at [email protected].

Servo Project Fund

The purpose of the Servo Project Fund is to raise, budget, and spend funds in support of the Servo Project.

The Fund is governed by the Directed Fund’s Governing Board at the Linux Foundation Europe. The Board is composed of Members, together with representation from the Linux Foundation Europe and the Technical Steering Committee.

There are currently no members of the Linux Foundation Europe Directed Fund’s Governing Board.

If your organization is interested in becoming a member, please contact us at [email protected] or enroll at the Linux Foundation member enrollment page.

Donation fees

Donating via GitHub Sponsors is better for Servo than donating via Open Collective. 96% of the amount you donate goes to Servo, unless you are sponsoring us on behalf of a GitHub organization, where a fee will be added on top of the amount during checkout. Either way, over 90% goes to Servo.

Fees for sponsoring… 5 USD 10 USD 20 USD 50 USD 100 USD 1000 USD
as an individual on GitHub
on behalf of a GitHub org

The fees for donations on Open Collective depend on how much you donate in a single transaction, and what payment method you use:

  • Donating at least 5 USD at a time ensures that over 80% goes to Servo
  • Donating at least 50 USD at a time ensures that over 90% goes to Servo
  • Donating with Stripe is almost always better for Servo than donating with PayPal
Fees for… 5 USD 10 USD 20 USD 50 USD 100 USD 1000 USD
Stripe (ACH)
Stripe (card, USA)
Stripe (card, international)
Stripe (card, worst case)
PayPal (USA)
PayPal (international)