Servo’s new home

2020-11-17 Servo has left the Mozilla nest.

The Servo Project is excited to announce that it has found a new home with the Linux Foundation. Servo was incubated inside Mozilla, and served as the proof that important web components such as CSS and rendering could be implemented in Rust, with all its safety, concurrency and speed. Now it’s time for Servo to leave the nest!

This move comes with a change in project governance: the Servo Project gains a board and a technical steering committee to help guide the project’s future (see for more details).

Servo’s high-level goals remain unchanged: to provide a high-performance, safe rendering engine for embedding in other applications. It is the responsibility of the technical steering committee to provide direction for these goals and enable the wider Servo community to make meaningful contributions that advance this mission.

As a result of these changes, it is now easier than ever before to contribute to Servo’s future. Whether by writing code or documentation, testing nightlies and filing issues, or donating to help cover the project’s new CI and hosting costs, every bit helps. If you know a company that would like to support the Servo Project, please get in touch as we will be rolling out a formal membership program to support the future of the project.

We also have a new home for discussions, help and general conversation, at the Servo Zulip. We hope to see you there, and look forward to building the future of embeddable web rendering engines with you in our new home!