This Week In Servo 133

2020-07-20 What's up with Servo for the week of 13 July 2020 - 2 July 2020

In the past week, we merged 62 PRs in the Servo organization’s repositories.

The latest nightly builds for common platforms are available at

We now have a collection of tips & tricks for using Firefox Reality on the HoloLens 2.

Planning and Status

Our roadmap is available online, including the team’s plans for 2020.

This week’s status updates are here.

Exciting works in progress

  • pcwalton is implementing support for CSS floats in the new Layout 2020 engine.
  • AbhishekSharma102 and gterzian are making some JS scripts compile off the main thread.
  • kunalmohan is implementing the draft WebGPU specification.

Notable Additions

  • jdm avoided a GL error when exiting immersive mode.
  • asajeffrey implemented support for streaming from webxr content to the GStreamer plugin embedding.
  • jdm fixed an issue with websocket HTTP requests, enabling Mozilla Hubs to load.
  • ferjm fixed a regression preventing getUserMedia and other MediaStream APIs from working.
  • kunalmohan implemented error scopes for WebGPU.
  • avr1254 added the missing relList DOM attribute for HTMLFormElement.
  • paulrouget improved the behaviour of dismissing an on-screen keyboard in Firefox Reality.
  • cybai implemented support for dynamic module imports.

New Contributors

Interested in helping build a web browser? Take a look at our curated list of issues that are good for new contributors!