Servo Nightly Builds Available

2016-06-30 Try out the new Servo nightly builds

Nightly builds of the Servo web rendering engine are now available! To make the Servo engine easy to interact with, we are bundling an HTML-based browser UI. While our engine is not yet fully web compatible, we want to give a larger audience the chance to start experimenting with and contributing to Servo. We have created packages for macOS and Linux (64-bit); Windows and Android packages should be available soon.

Binary packages and installation instructions are available at

When you first run Servo, you see a new tab page containing a selection of sites that Servo renders well and some tech demos. A stand-alone copy of this page is available for use in other browsers to compare performance.

Getting involved

Servo is a community project hosted on GitHub, and we have a curated list of good first bugs for you, whether you’re interested in writing Rust, JS, Python, or even shell scripts. If you are a web developer, we’d love to see what you can do with Servo’s capabilities.

If you encounter any problems we’d love to hear about them in the issue tracker.