This Week In Servo 69

2016-06-27 What's up with Servo for the week of 20 June 2016 - 27 June 2016

In the last week, we landed 84PRs in the Servo organization’s repositories.

One of our contributors, Florian Duraffourg, landed a patch recently that switched our public domain list matching source and algorithm, resulting in a huge speedup in page load times (~25%!). Shing Lyu tracked down and measured this unexpectedly-large gain through a new automated page load testing performance infrastructure that he has been testing. It compares Servo daily builds against Firefox for page load on a subset of the Alexa Top 1000 sites. Check it out!

We’re excited to announce that Connor Brewster (cbrewster on IRC and ConnorGBrewster on github) is the newest addition to the list of Servo reviewers!

This upcoming week is the final week of June! So, expect the first tech preview of Servo and browser.html to be announced on this blog shortly…

Planning and Status

Our overall roadmap and quarterly goals are available online.

This week’s status updates are here.

Notable Additions

  • nox upgraded our Rust version
  • eddyb landed some great work to migrate us off of use of return_address, which has been removed from Rust
  • nox continued the migration off of syntax plugins to get WebRender building against stable Rust
  • jack fixed linking problems with our CEF build
  • vvuk landed fixes to get more of our Windows dependencies building with cmake and outside of msys
  • SimonSapin has fixed the style crate to nearly build with a stable version of the Rust compiler
  • avadacatavra prevented potential IRCxit by those members of our community with UK keyboards when typing issue numbers in IRC chat
  • jdm fixed a source of undefined behaviour by preventing unwinding from Rust code through C stack frames
  • Ivan Yang added a reload keyboard shortcut
  • carols10cents documented the 0.9 -> 1.0 migration for rust-url users
  • Ms2ger removed the layout->script dependency, enabling better CPU usage while building libscript
  • emilio implemented type-based validation of numerous WebGL values
  • jdm added a signal handler that reports a backtrace if a segfault occurs
  • aneeshusa ensured that the packaging-related code doesn’t regress in the future

New Contributors

Interested in helping build a web browser? Take a look at our curated list of issues that are good for new contributors!


No screenshots this week.