This Week In Servo 65

2016-05-30 What's up with Servo for the week of 23 May 2016 - 30 May 2016

In the last week, we landed 128 PRs in the Servo organization’s repositories.

Special shout out to mbrubeck for completing the ongoing triage of every unlabeled issue in Servo’s issue tracker!

Planning and Status

Our overall roadmap and quarterly goals are available online.

This week’s status updates are here.

Notable Additions

  • bobthekingofegypt found the root of the issue causing to fail to load on computers under heavy load.
  • emilio fixed the display lists constructed for linear gradients
  • pcwalton optimized WebRender to skip extraneous clears and stencil buffer operations
  • antrik added some tests for ipc-channel creation
  • bholley implemented a faster version of the geckolib bindings for get_id, has_class, and each_class
  • mbrubeck removed the display lists generated under display:none
  • nox and jdm added support for content blocking
  • aneeshusa fixed Android APK building
  • perlun added Windows support for adding executable prefixes for some missing cases
  • dati extended the WebBluetooth implementation with included services support
  • manish added the <button type=submit> data to form datasets
  • ddefisher implemented several missing WebGL APIs
  • craftytrickster made the style attribute properly reflect changes to the element’s inline style.
  • kilobtye corrected a graphics corruption caused by resizing the window.
  • connorgbrewster fixed a table layout issue.
  • nox added support for conditionally-enabling WebIDL features based on arbitrary Rust code.
  • simonsapin avoided a failure caused by invalid UTF-8 in DOM text nodes.

New Contributors

Get Involved

Interested in helping build a web browser? Take a look at our curated list of issues that are good for new contributors!


browser.html’s WIP error reporter, submitting a captured Rust panic as a new github issue: WIP error reporter for browser.html