This Week In Servo 47

2016-01-11 What's up with Servo for the week of 04 Jan 2016 - 11 Jan 2016

In the last week, we landed 76 PRs in the Servo organization’s repositories.

We are very excited to announce that we’ve added three new reviewers this week! Ravi Shankar (waffles), Emilio Cobos Álvares (emiliocobos), and Keith Yeung (KiChjang) have all be contributing and commenting on PRs for quite a while now, and we’re glad to have them onboard as reviewers. This brings Servo to 23 reviewers, 12 of whom are not employed by Mozilla!

With the start of 2016, we’ve updated Servo’s roadmap. You can also see our team Q1 goal planning in progress. 2016 looks to be a very exciting year for the project!

Notable Additions

  • bholley landed a geckolib target, which is basically a subset of Servo’s style system for reuse in Gecko
  • nox enabled a ton more tests by fixing up the proto chains of interface objects
  • gsnedders enabled even more CSS module tests
  • ecoal95 reduced the amount of unsafe code required for implementing DOM APIs that use ArrayBuffer types
  • craftytricker eliminated the need to clone the underlying buffer when slicing a Blob

New Contributors


None this week.


We had a meeting on thesis topics, automake, layout refactoring, the SM upgrade, and code review on prototypes.