This Week In Servo 30

2015-04-09 What's up with Servo for the weeks of 2 - 9 April 2015

In the past week, we merged 66 pull requests

We now use homu to queue pull requests and coordinate with buildbot, in place of bors. Homu is a bit more efficient when it comes to API usage, and responds immediately to changes (bors needs to wait till it can hit the queue again after three minutes). It’s also got a bunch of other useful features like prioritization and efficient usage of build machines when retrying on a failure. You can try it out for yourself!

Last week’s post was discussed on Hacker News.

Notable additions

New contributors



We had some issues with James’ CSS test PR breaking GitHub’s API, and the fallout on our CI. At the time of writing, the issue seems fixed. There were a couple of annoucements regarding the switch to homu and the new CSS tests, along with some discussion on the growing pull request backlog. We’re moving all our submodules to, with many of them running on Rust beta – please help if you can!