The embeddable, independent, memory-safe, modular, parallel web rendering engine

Servo is a web rendering engine written in Rust, with WebGL and WebGPU support, and adaptable to desktop, mobile, and embedded applications.


This month in Servo: better floats, color-mix(), try job labels, and more!

Sneak peek into our embedding effort, changes to pull requests, plus nightly updates to browser UI, floats, inline layout, CSS, and tooling.


Servo announces grant from the NLnet Foundation

Earlier this year in July, Servo received a NLnet grant to enhance several aspects of Servo.


This month in Servo: CSS filters, testing changes, Tauri, and more!

Catch up on our recent conference talks, embedding news, and testing changes, plus nightly updates around media queries, the DOM, upgrades, CSS filters, and canvas performance.


This month in Servo: upcoming events, new browser UI, and more!

Conferences and booths you can find us at in September, plus nightly updates around rustls, WebGPU, ARM32, floats, white-space, crash handling, and browser UI.


You can support the project’s infrastructure (CI) and hosting costs by donating to the LFX crowdfunding page for Servo.

For more information about how to sponsor the project, visit the sponsorship page.