attending: ajeffrey, jdm, manishearth, mrobinson, simonsapin, ferjm, cybai, aas, emilio

ajeffrey: welcome to second TSC meeting for servo project. first order of business: question from public about recording the meeting.

jdm: do people want recording or just the minutes?

ajeffrey: probably the summary. one thing - a recording can include stuff about third parties which we might not want to be recorded permanently. i’m inclined to say we’re minuting but not recording.

general affirmation

ajeffrey: any comments about minutes from last meeting? no? next order of business: the launch wrap-up. we launched! it happened! the launch seemed to go perfectly reasonably, lots of positive comments. any other thoughts about it?

manishearth: pretty good! good press, normal hackernews. can’t ask for much better.

ajeffrey: the register wrote about the project and read through the last TSC meeting minutes. it’s nice that someone’s looking at them.

simonsapin: where are we with the financial charter?

ajeffrey: that’s later in the agenda. infrastructure! simon, do you want to fill us in?

simonsapin: there was an AWS account with mozilla for dealing with s3 buckets and EC2 instances for CI. I’ve migrated us to a new independent account and migrated all of the instances and bucket contents, and references to those buckets. spent a bunch of time reading AWS docs, but it went pretty well. i also migrated cloudflare and another service for handling email, so there are now email aliases for any TSC member who would like one. remaining infrastructure that’s still with mozilla is the CI that’s running on their taskcluster service.

ajeffrey: for the AWS setup and financial stuff, the hard bit turned out to be firewalling the credit card from my bank account. AWS now charges us, and it’s billed against the linux foundation account. at the moment this AWS bill is the only expense that personal donations are covering. last month it was $80, which might be higher than usual given that it included the launch and a spike in download traffic.

jdm: working on migrating CI builds and testing from taskcluster to github actions. have a PR where I’m doing experiments; linux builds and tests are great; mac is very slow - builds are 50 minutes, then tests take anywhere from 45m to 3hr for a single chunk. will be talking with github on monday and sharing those findings.

ajeffrey: LF has github contacts we can use, if necessary. CI is the main work that’s going on right now; the meetings are monthly if anybody wants to stay up to date.

ajeffrey: board update! there’s an electronic version of the financial charter on the website. when there’s a board, there will be a subcommittee to make recommendations for the budget, and the board will have final say over it.

ajeffrey: is the two month cadence for these meetings good?

mrobinson: since the work is happening in the launch and infra subcommittees, two months seems ok to me.

simonsapin: we could have a regular cadence that’s longer, then have more frequent ones as needed when there’s more that needs to be discussed.

cybai: two months is fine, but if we could be an hour earlier, that would be nice.

mrobinson: it’s a little early on the west coast, but compared to 2am in japan…

ajeffrey: next meeting in feb. in that case? feb 12? and i’ll make it one hour earlier. unrelatedly, CI is the main focus right now since it has a deadline, but at some point we should start the roadmap discussions.

simonsapin: CI isn’t blocking discussing the technical direction. on the other hand, the question of what to work on really depends on who might be doing that work.

ajeffrey: good point. also might be influenced by the board, so perhaps we should hold off until that question is settled. let’s hold off on that for the moment, in that case.

simonsapin: more concretely, there haven’t been that many contributions to servo recently and i don’t see that changing.

ajeffrey: yeah, it’s worth seeing if new people show up over the next few months. it doesn’t take that many people to reach a critical mass.

simonsapin: I think the technical direction discussions can wait until that happens.

ajeffrey: resolved: let’s do nothing!

ferjm: about the lack of contributions - there may be a catch-22. if there’s a lack of technical direction, before the LF change the direction was always clear because it came from mozilla. right now, after the LF change there’s a lack of understanding about what the next steps are for the project’s mission and goals. creating those might help getting new contributions again.

ajeffrey: does the Servo Starters page still work?

jdm: yes, still exists and is integrated with the issue tracker.

mrobinson: are there sufficient reviewers at this point?

jdm: cybai and I have been looking at pull requests.

mrobinson: so the technical direction could include discussing that as well.

ajeffrey: does the suggested reviewer list still function?

jdm: yes but I cleared out the list of reviewers when everyone was laid off. pull requests can be accepted to opt in to being on that list again (

ajeffrey: sounds like we don’t need a specific subcommittee meeting at this point. have a good winter break!