attending: jdm, asajeffrey, paul, simon, manish

ajeffrey: launch happened uneventfully! 200 people in zulip, people are asking questions. there was press coverage, lots of twitter notifications.

simonsapin: we talked with pietro from the rust team who told us we misinterpreted github’s CI limitations. public repos have no limitations on minutes for github actions. the main limitation right now is the available ram on the public pool of machines.

ajeffrey: what comparison between github macs versus the macstadium machines?

simonsapin: officially github machines have two cores, versus four from macstadium.

ajeffrey: do we have a way to run experiments?

jdm: that’s what I’m planning to do.

ajeffrey: do we have a way of gettting more memory?

simonsapin: no, only concurrency.

manish: there’s definitely better hardware possible, and rust is using it. should talk to github contacts.

simonsapin: we should start that contact in parallel with doing the experiments with github actions.

jdm: i can follow up on that conversation.

ajeffrey: I successfully expensed something for AWS! any website stuff?

paul: we’re on the personal plan right now. adding anybody else to the account makes it much more expensive, per user per month. I’ll ask LF if there’s any other options. we could also share credentials.

ajeffrey makes a face

ajeffrey: do we have a shared 1password?

paul: let’s keep it the way it is right now; we don’t actually need multiple admins right now. we can wait until we need more people to address that.

simonsapin: there’s no 1password at the moment. that would also be a per user/per month cost, but diane might have leads on reducing that.

ajeffrey: There are some parts of the project with bus factor 1 - netlify, AWS. There can be super privileges for IAM, but that still doesn’t help with the actual account.

simonsapin: the recommendation is to not use the root account ever and rely on IAM.

ajeffrey: probably do need a credential sharing mechanism.

simonsapin: if it’s only for AWS, I’m not convinced.

ajeffrey: I’ll see what diane can find out for us.

simonsapin: paul, is the website just static files after building? if netlify is too expensive, we could use our registrar as well for the hosting. it wouldn’t be as automated, but possible.

ajeffrey: so we launched, and most of our conversations now are about infrastructure. should this be the official last meeting of the launch subcommittee? should we have an infrastructure subcommittee meeting at this time next week?

general agreement

ajeffrey: funding charter update - there was a slight delay so it wasn’t ready at the time of launch. LF wants to make an announcement in mid-December about the funding charter being ready.

simonsapin: question about hololens servo. somebody on zulip asked whether firefox reality will be getting more updates.

jdm: I think if somebody is interested in building a hololens thing on servo they’re welcome to it. I don’t think we have the hardware, and I don’t think it makes sense to make any commitment as a project to that.

ajeffrey: We could talk to microsoft about getting hardware, but is there motivation?

general noncommittal noises

ajeffrey: what would be involved? doing the rebranding and the assets on the homepage.

jdm: not valuable to publish a rebranded build to the store.

ajeffrey: discovery! visibility!

paul: let’s say it takes 5 days to do that. instead, spend that 5 days helping jdm with the desktop embedding examples - way more impact. the hololens market is quite small compared to the general desktop audience. I’d rather spend time on that.

ajeffrey: yes, there are probably more pressing things than what would just be a marketing effort.

paul: we could file an issue that lays out what to do to rebrand.

ajeffrey: would we want to own the store entry?

paul: the store isn’t really interesting. the UWP app is actually interesting, since it has bookmarks, devtools, etc. if someone wants to rebrand that I can help, but I don’t have windows any more.

simonsapin: does it work on desktop?

paul: absolutely. it’s the most advanced servo browser we have so far.

ajeffrey: so file an issue on servo/servo and servo/ about the rebranding, and see if anybody steps up to do it? but don’t try to mess around with hololens store. anything else? see you next week!