attending: ajeffrey, jdm, manish, simonsapin

ajeffrey: press embargo lifts on the 17th! various things will go private->public on github, and LF wants one person to be a contact person for any interviews. Mozilla has OKed IP transfer and press materials. Need to be off of community taskcluster by May.

simonsapin: AWS - we now have a account with the prepaid card, so I was able to transfer everything from mozilla-servo aws account (ec2 machine running homu and other services, and the s3 buckets for build dependencies and nightly build archives, and the CDN for the downloads). That’s all set up on the new account.

ajeffrey: If I download from, am I downloading from the new bucket?

simonsapin: yes. infrastructure-wise, macstadium is left. we can change the billing at any time. moving off taskcluster is outstanding. also the domain name transfer needs to happen; LF offered to take care of that, so maybe we should tell them to go ahead now?

ajeffrey: Do we need to have that transfer done in order to move website over to the new one?

simonsapin: I’m only talking about the domain registration. The formal owner is Mozilla Corp.

ajeffrey: Ok. LF will take care of that but, probably can’t until the actual transfer paperwork is completed. It’s a multi-month process to do the actual IP transfer.

simonsapin: Is the domain name separate IP from the trademark?

ajeffrey: Dunno. I think only the agreement to transfer it really matters.

simonsapin: Right now the registrar controls the NS records, and that controls which servers respond. Right now that’s cloudflare.

ajeffrey: From AWS documentation, we need an SSL cert for cloudfront.

simonsapin: Cloudfront was messy, since we want it to serve all our subdomains. When you add a custom domain to it, you can’t do that if another thing in cloudfront already has that same domain. To transfer it, there’s a big process and complication documentation. Anyways, I took care of that. We had to remove the domain config from the old cloudfront name before adding it to the new one. AWS is a cert authority and issued certs, and that worked fine.

ajeffrey: Cert for or

simonsapin: We have a cert for * as well.

ajeffrey: Where’s homu currently running?

simonspain: On EC2 in the new account.

ajeffrey: What happened to the old homu?

simonsapin: Terminated. What github knows about is a URL with, all I had to do was change the DNS for to point to the new machine. I stopped the instance, took a snapshot, made an image, made a copy of the image in the new account, and started a new instance from the image. That was smooth, except that we changed AWS regions but the Windows taskcluster workers were not able to acquire the right spot workers, or were missing VMs or something. I moved back to the old region rather than try to investigate it. I had to click the homu synchronize button, and might need to do that in any other repositories affected during the moving window.

ajeffrey: Nightly builds are still being made, right?

simonsapin: Yes, I updated the uploading code and downloading page to use the new bucket.

ajeffrey: We blew through the free tier really quickly.

simonsapin: Yeah, transferring the nightly builds a few times was a lot of large files.

ajeffrey: We have our first bill for expensify!

jdm: Our webmaster is out of action.

ajeffrey: Indeed. The website has some 404s, and we will need to redirect to the staging website.

jdm: I can be backup emergency paul.

simonsapin: I don’t know how netlify works for pushing updates.

ajeffrey: At some point we’ll want to switch from to

jdm: We should keep the work for tuesday as simple as possible, only do stuff like that once the launch is settled.

simonsapin: There are ways to keep git history if we want it.

ajeffrey: Anything else for the website for tuesday?

simonsapin: An announcement?

jdm: Yes, I want a blog post I can link on twitter.

ajeffrey: Anything on the new website that refers to Mozilla?

jdm: We should check that.

ajeffrey: Also the LF likes when their name is present.

ajeffrey: So, by tuesday: fixing 404s, redirecting to new site, and getting a blog post up.

jdm: Asking about embedding ideas?

simonsapin: Choose the easiest UI toolkit that can display GL and integrate that?

jdm: Looking into gtk-rs, but probably not by Tuesday. Tempting to just have a pong game with a wikipedia background

ajeffrey: HUDs? Gstreamer plugin is another example, but it takes over whole gl context.

simonsapin: If I want to investigate gstreamer plugin, how easy is it to find and get started?

ajeffrey: Oof. No nightly builds, and you have to build it yourself with the right gstreamer version. Should we start doing nightly builds?

simonsapin: Not by Tuesday. Not sure about the cool factor of easily trying it out, even if they don’t have a particular use case for it. Do we have CI for it?

jdm: We do build it.

simonsapin: Maybe it’s not hard to upload that for nightlies.

ajeffrey: Yeah, might be low hanging fruit. Not by tuesday though.