attending: ajeffrey, jdm, simonsapin

ajeffrey: Since last time, LF has told us that discussions with Moz Legal are “moving forward”. Sensible dates for launch have been discussed, so Nov 19 is one possibility. We either go for right before US Thanksgiving or right after.

simonsapin: When’s that?

jdm: Nov 26.

ajeffrey: Only constraint is ensuring the website is nailed down by launch.

simonsapin: Should confirm with paul, but it feels like 20 days should be ok.

ajeffrey: Only 2 weeks, for the 19th. Moz doesn’t seem to see any roadblocks. We’re talking about giving them two years on the board, and we have until May to vacate their CI.

simonsapin: Is there a chance they are the only board member?

ajeffrey: I predict there will be others as well.

simonsapin: So Moz would get a seat on the board for two years in exchange for the IP?

ajeffrey: Mozilla will be named as an incubating organization in the funding charter.

ajeffrey: Burner debit card turned up! Any number is good enough for AWS, even one that doesn’t have any money associated with it. Servo AWS account has been set up.

simonsapin: We can create an account and users, but not anything that costs money.

ajeffrey: Still on the free tier. Need to put money on the card, and American banks are making that difficult. I’ll make some charges once that happens and figure out how expensify works.

simonsapin: It looks like adding the card moved us out of the free tier on AWS. Clicking EC2 shows an error message about the account not being set up. Maybe the root credentials would help.

ajeffrey: Hopefully this won’t matter and we’ll have money soon?

some hypotheses about AWS configuration and money

ajeffrey: jdm, you’re volunteering to take on the actual CI migration?

jdm: Yes.

ajeffrey: Feeling about path forward?

jdm: Not yet.

ajeffrey: That’s all for today! Back to refreshing election results page!