attending: jdm, ajeffrey, paul, ddh, manishearth, simonsapin, nox

ajeffrey: Still waiting for Mozilla to complete process. LF folks are talking to Mozilla legal. Under discussion is CI and board stuff. No roadblocks yet. LF wants to know if we have any requests.

ddh: Any chance for money to extend CI runway?

ajeffrey: No chance of money. Maybe could ask for CI support, possibly in exchange for board. It is actually work for them to disentangle us from taskcluster.

simonsapin: That would be nice, since it’s work for us as well.

ajeffrey: Main thing we’re currently getting is IP rights. As long as it’s not an indefinite board seat, I don’t think it’s a hill we want to plant a flag on.

simonsapin: IP is worth something to us and nothing to Mozilla.

ajeffrey: Last I heard about timelines, they were hoping to wrap it up by US thanksgiving.

intermission to discuss timezones and international alcoholic drinks

ajeffrey: Community bridge is set up, but contains no money yet. jdm and I can expense things against that now. If anybody has expenses for the project they anticipate, let us know and we can add you to that list. First expense I’m planning is for the CI. Held up waiting for a burner credit card that I applied for, should get that next week and then set up the AWS account. Simon, am I right that I will set up an AWS org for the servo project, and we’ll all be members of that?

simonsapin: Not sure we actually need an AWS org. Those have multiple accounts that can be billed and managed separately. When creating a new account, the owner can be an individual or a company. I think the owner should be Servo LLC.

ajeffrey: So for a company account, you’re expected to share the credentials?

simonsapin: An account is where you manage resources; within that account, each account has root credentials but there is IAM where you can create new users and each can have permissions that can be more limited. They recommend not using root credentials, but having a separate user for that.

ajeffrey: Is there anything you can do at the org level you can’t do at the account level?

simonsapin: Separate billing for separate things.

ajeffrey: We want to use the AWS budget mechanism, but I don’t know if that’s an org or account thing.

simonsapin: Separate admin access is also a separate account thing. Some kinds of permissions aren’t granular enough for different groups. I don’t think it’s a problem for us, but it made sense for Mozilla.

ajeffrey: Sounds like a Servo project account, the CC is tied to that account, and we create users under that account.

simonsapin: We could probably change that later by moving an account into an org later if desired.

ajeffrey: Anything new on infrastructure things?

simonsapin: Nothing new from me. Waiting on the AWS account and the domain name transfer, but it sounds like LF wants to handle the latter.

ajeffrey: Paul, any new website things?

paul: No. Someone from LF reached out about the website, so I’ll work with them to ensure we have all the right copyright statements in the right places. Nothing else changed.

simonsapin: Is there any official Mozilla position yet?

ajeffrey: Not that I’ve heard yet. LF is handling the process.