attending: ajeffrey, jdm, paul, simonsapin, manishearth

ajeffrey: most things are ground to a halt due right now. Can make progress on CI though.

simon: waiting on a few things, like domain name transfer from mozilla. Also AWS, which has homu and some other things - it will be easier to make a new account and transfer things over rather than trying to extract from mozilla. For copying, a new account will require some payment information, and that should be from the official project to avoid personal liability. We need to talk with the LF about setting up an account that can receive personal contributions and sponsorships.

ajeffrey: LF has suggested Community Bridge. I haven’t used it; anybody else familiar?


Ajeffrey: Since we’re all newbies, I’ll be the newbie setting this up. Jack has offered his personal credit card, but the nightmare scenario is that account credentials get hacked and the s3 bucket is used for very large transfers. AFAICT AWS has infinite liability for small companies, and you’ll just get charged for whatever happens. I want to find out if LF has some mechanism for helping with that, but I’d like the AWS account to officially be the liability of the project LLC. If we do get Community Bridge set up, we’ll have an account that can hold petty cash. It would be nice to get a debit card that can be used against that, too, but need to find out if LF requires expense claims.

simonsapin: Looks like Community Bridge is based on collecting donations and submitting expenses.

Ajeffrey: Yes, even if the debit card isn’t allowed, it’s still a good mechanism for getting personal contributions.

Simonsapin: I wrote some words on GitHub about pros and cons of CI possibilities. Once we make a decision, we need to do the actual migration.

Ajeffrey: Our hand might be forced if a kind company offered us credits. LF mentioned they know how to get AWS credits for open source projects. If we get AWS credits, we could use those as compute nodes behind task cluster. Would that work for GitHub actions?

Simonsapin: If we do self-hosted task cluster, we will need workers on some cloud infrastructure. Could be AWS or GCP. AWS does have credits for open source projects and we could apply for that. Using that still requires an account with a payment method. As to GitHub actions, the options are machines provided by GitHub or self-hosted runners which could be on AWS/MacStadium/etc.

ajeffrey: So getting AWS credits doesn’t force us in a particular path.

simonsapin: Getting credits requires estimating a dollar amount, and that will depend on how we do CI as well.

ajeffrey: So next point on the critical path is working out the bank account/credit card stuff for AWS account.

simonsapin: Still have moz LDAP access but not sure how long. I have exported relevant 1password infra info; if there is anything else we need that requires the LDAP, now is the time to figure it out.

ajeffrey: Might be worth creating AWS account that’s only for s3, and copy everything from the moz account. If it’s private, then the liability is about as low as possible. That would remove the need for LDAP access for the moz account.

simonsapin: I believe everything is world-readable.

Ajeffrey: Slight risk that if mozilla decides to delete everything then we’re out of luck.

simonsapin: keep in mind that newer nightlies would not be present in the new backup bucket.

ajeffrey: Paul, website?

paul: Nothing really interesting. Some upgrades, and the project repository is automatically integrated with latest website. Will need some help migrating from GitHub pages to netlify website; not sure how the DNS updates will work.

simonsapin: I can help with that.

paul: At some point we’ll make an announcement. On the website or the blog?

jdm: The blog makes sense.

paul: Do we want to update the blog’s design to match the website?

jdm: Doesn’t seem important.

paul: Will need to pay for netflify account.

ajeffrey: How much will that be?

paul: Don’t know. There’s a new milestone in the GitHub project, so please add that for issues that are important. Would love to get someone from linux foundation to look at the site and tell us where we should write what about it. Other LF projects have the same footer, we could do that too. I can write an email to the mailing list, and I would be sharing the site on the list for that.

ajeffrey: I don’t see a problem sharing the URL for the staging site. Not everyone has access to the backing repo, but that seems fine.

Paul: I’ll send the email, I’ll talk to Simon about DNS, I’ll start the netlify account, and I’ll check the blog for any mozilla marketing. Also, a weird thing is the Hugo on netlify is different than my local copy, so the website isn’t quite behaving correctly.

ajeffrey: Any other business? No, we’re done here.