attending: ajeffrey, simonsapin, jdm

ajeffrey: second infrastructure subcommittee meeting! I have added AWS credentials to the 1password account. jdm, can you verify you can make use of them?

action item: jdm test out AWS login.

simonsapin: Web UI for 1password doesn’t have import/export, and I don’t have access to the app any more. jdm, can I send you a file to import?

jdm: Yes. CI update: successfully ran a WPT chunk under github actions for linux. Build step took 45 minutes.

ajeffrey: Taskcluster comparison?

jdm: Like 12 minutes.

simonsapin: That was running on 16 vCPUs rather than 2.

jdm: I’m now trying to get a mac build working. Have a call on monday to discuss options.

ajeffrey: What’s being cached in the build right now? mozjs, angle?

jdm: Nothing; we do all work from scratch on every run.

simonsapin: Taskcluster is similar, except there’s also sccache, but that’s local to the short-lived workers.

jdm: Github actions has easy caching things available, so that’s something that could be looked into in the future.

ajeffrey: For a first shot this is good. At what point do we need to pay github?

jdm: My understanding is all the work we’re doing is covered by the free tier.

simonsapin: Higher paying tiers are mostly about increasing numbers of concurrent jobs.

ajeffrey: We have a board charter ratified now, so LF would like it added to the website. We should have a blog post about that as well.

simonsapin: We can do that through the github repo directly; don’t need paul’s involvement for website changes.

jdm: Alan, can you write the main thrust of the blog post?

ajeffrey: Sure. I’ll fix up the website too.