attending: ajeffrey, paul, simonsapin, jdm

ajeffrey: first meeting of the infrastructure committee! hooray!

jdm: I’ve started CI experiments. Early stages; just trying to run a linux build inside a docker container that’s in docker hub.

ajeffrey: there’s a shared 1password account now.

simonsapin: Don’t expect to meaningfully contribute to future infrastructure work now; the AWS migration is all wrapped up at this point.

jdm: I made contact with github, but nothing to report yet.

ajeffrey: There’s the option of gitlab as well; we have contact with them.

jdm: Given there’s no ceiling on free CI minutes on github, I don’t see a reason to investigate them right now.

ajeffrey: any website stuff we should be aware of?

jdm: the hololens homepage is now a 404. we should decide whether we care or not.

paul: we could file an issue.

jdm: someone else already did! this has already been noticed by third parties.

ajeffrey: we should probably restore the existing page and remove the firefox branding from it, because that has legal implications.

ajeffrey: so, on the plate: hololens homepage 404; CI experiements; stashing credentials in 1password.